Monday, September 8, 2008


Tobacco has brought long-term hurts to human beings since it was released from pandora's Box, and Become an age-long nightmare of human beings.

To fight this evil Electronic Cigarette is a revolution in human beings' history of smoking, Golden Dragon Group Ltd's Ruyan has created an electronic battery-powered cigarette. The e-cigarette activates light and vapour, and even delivers nicotine to the lungs within 7 to 10 seconds. The cigarettes sell for $208 and are already available overseas. They're directed primarily at people trying to quit smoking, deliving the same look and feel but without the health concerns.

The E-cig is made under supervision of China Health Care Society and Beijing Health Care Department with the China Patents. E-cig is made from microelectronic control and supercritical atomizing technologies. It looks like a cigar, however there is no tar. It does smoke, however there is no smoking pollution material. You do not need any ignition and fire for smoking it, however it lets you enjoy and satisfy those tactile taste sensations without any risk and dependence on tobacco. It gives you the same feeling of a tobacco cigar or cigarette without suffering any tar smoking damages. Actually, you can smoke healthily without any environmental pollution, claim the manufactures.

E-cig consists of a stainless steel shell, lithium ion battery, micro-electronic
circuit, atomizing chamber, and indicator light at the head of the E-cig. It can
make smokers enjoy the same pleasure as that of traditional cigar when inhaling the nicotine smog droplet, imitating the whole process of smoking.The manufacturers claim E-cig creates a healthy smoking cultural atmosphere, and has been eulogized by authoritative experts as the perfect combination of modern micro-electronic technology, biological technology and the conception of healthy life.

To quit the tobacco and nicotine smoking, E-cig can be used with the four basic tastes such as the high, medium, low and zero nicotine thickness cartridges to meet the requirements of different smokers.


Arvind Mishra said...

Quite interesting !

ज़ाकिर अली ‘रजनीश’ said...

सॉरी मैम, तस्‍लीम वाले ब्‍लॉग में सिर्फ उन्‍हीं ब्‍लॉग का जिक्र किया गया है, जो हिन्‍दी में प्रकाशित होते हैं। आपका ब्‍लॉग चूंकि अंग्रेजी में है, इसलिए उसे छोडना पडा। और हॉं, अरविंद जी के ब्‍लॉग साइंस फिक्‍शन इन इन्‍डिया चूंकि अंग्रेजी के साथ साथ हिन्‍दी में भी प्रकाशित होता है, इसलिए उसका नाम लिया गया है।