Saturday, October 4, 2008

Oceanarium : The World of Adventure, Fun and Excitement

Did you think the ocean is just about fish and boats?
Come to oceanarium, learn what floats, what lives, and how we need
and use the ocean every day.

The term oceanarium can either mean a marine mammal park or a large-scale aquarium presenting an ocean habitat with marine animals, especially large ocean dwellers (e.g. sharks).

Marineland of Florida, one of the first theme parks in Florida, USA, started in 1938, claims to be "the world's first oceanarium", while Ocean Park in Hong Kong claims to be "the world's largest oceanarium".

The Oceanarium BOURNEMOUTH helps you to explore the secrets of the ocean in an adventure and will take you to some of the world’s most amazing waters.

This is not all what oceanariums provide you, threre are amazing hotels and restaurants too where you can Discover life beneath the waves and come face to face with some of the world’s most amazing marine life. .

The Oceanarium restaurants

One of the best Oceanarium restaurants is located in the Pacific Beach Hotel in Waikiki. The main attraction of this hotel is the 3-floor world-class indoor fish tank. It is 16 meters tall, 10 meters wide, and if you eat next to it, it feels as if you’re eating in the middle of an aquarium

From your table, you have views into the 3-storey 280,000 gallon aquarium, which holds nearly 400 fish, including a spotted eagle ray and a pelagic sting ray. The hotel's divers feed the fish several times a day--which makes for a spectacular show for hotel guests and customers in the restaurant.

Oceanarium India

India's first 'oceanarium', showcasing its marine biodiversity, will be set up at Kerala. The 'oceanarium', spread over a 60-acre area at Puthuvypeen, a marine biology research station would also form part of the 'oceanarium',

These parks would give technical and other assistance to set up ''backyard hatcheries'' in rural households. Women would be especially trained for this.

The Government of Kerala is proposed to develop an Oceanarium in a joint partnership between Public and Private (PPP). The project at New Vypeen, the coastline of the Arabian Sea is complemented by many features. Attractions will include a Marine Park, International Marine Biological Research Centre, Centre for Marine Resources, Ecology Centre, Convention Centre, Amphitheatre and a glass tunnel to showcase an ocean habitat with marine animals. The ambitious Oceanarium project to be launched by 2010.


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India's first 'oceanarium', showcasing its marine biodiversity, will be set up at Kerala.
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मछलियॉं अपनी सुन्‍दरता और चपलता के कारण हमेशा लोगों का ध्‍यान खींचती रही हैं। oceanarium की लोकप्रियता के पीछे भी यही कारण है।

सुन्‍दर पोस्‍ट, बधाई स्‍वीकारें।