Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Health Benefits Of Sauna

Sauna - what is it all about?

Sauna (a finnish word) means a room in which water is splashed on the hot rocks to produce steam (With evolving technology, sauna setup also has witnessed tremendous changes. Many new techniques are being developed and utilized to build new saunas; and to control the temperature inside). This steam is then used for its medical benefits in the form of Sauna bath. The temperature at which sauna bath should be taken is controlled by the participants.

Sauna bath opens the pores on skin and helps body to remove toxins and other impurities from within the body and blood. Sauna’s effect on human body shows unpredictable heart condition as the heart beats/pulse rate increases to almost double, causing blood circulation in the body increase towards the skin. In some people the blood pressure goes up and in some people it falls. However, a study carried out on health benefits of sauna by various health case institutes and magazines have stated that the sauna bath is safe for human health and does offer health benefits such as relaxation, weight loss and many more.

Sauna Health benefits

Sauna bath causes sweating & helps in opening skin pores. As we sweat more during sauna bath, it helps in excretion of body toxins and other impurities from the blood. People experience freshness in mood and health for longer time once they take sauna bath, as the body gets cleansed through sweating and muscles are relieved leading to the feeling of well-being. Sauna bath is also useful in joint pains as the warm steam helps blood flow resume effectively in all parts of the body and the contracted muscles are relieved.

It’s effectiveness in weight loss has been main reason people choose sauna bath over any other type of exercise. Sauna works positively on our metabolism and increases its speed and intensity, which in turn results in weight loss.

Regular sauna bath can also help mental and physical relaxation and release tension. People with sleep disorders such as insomnia and improper sleep condition can be benefited through sauna as it is very effective in inducing a good long relaxing sleep.

The heat generated during sauna bath helps our body in improving our immune system by increasing our body heat which simulates the fever condition. We also know about the medical properties of steam, which proves to be of great help in treating problems like cold (sinusitis), bronchitis, laryngitis etc.

15-20 minutes of sauna is almost equivalent to 1-2 hours of brisk walk or 1 hour of exercise. However, this effect can vary from person to person based on their physical condition.

For many people, sauna does not offer significant health benefits; in that case sauna can serve a purpose of leisure for them and not more than just a daily relaxation process and a way to preserve the glow on their face.


Pregnant women, heart patient with low or high blood pressure condition or suffering from any disease which has negative effect of sauna bath should first consult a physician regarding their physical condition and the length of period they can take sauna bath. It is always better to seek proper guidance from your physician before anyone is planning to try out sauna bath for any reason. People who consume alcohol or are undergoing some medication should first consult their physician before they try sauna.

Types of saunas

Infrared Sauna
Wet Sauna
Dry Sauna
Smoke Sauna
Steam Sauna