Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Pain Killers or Silent Killers ?

No words to express what wonder a small pill shows in combating and excruciating pains in the body. The pain killers are so amazing that almost each of us loves to take them to get the relief.
Analgesic or the pain killers are the drugs used to relieve pain, a drug that suppresses inflammation in a manner similar to steroids, but without the side effects of steroids.
Pain killers work in different ways. Some have the ability to calm nerves or alleviate pains, others can temporarily get rid of them but all the pain killers are not safe to use. They may have side effects that can pose greater danger to our body than the pains themselves.
Not all of us know that our own body has a way of confronting pain. In fact, the body produces endorphins during a stressful activity such as exercise. This chemical has endogenous opioid, which is present in morphine, methadone and even heroin. It is also an ingredient of the strongest painkillers in the market – the one that relieves cancer pain. Endorphin is actually known as the body's natural painkiller.
However, painkillers have created a kind of addiction epidemic among users. Although legally suggested by doctors, patients could eventually become dependent. In fact, prescription painkiller addiction is one of the biggest unnoticed drug abuse problems. Unlike illegal drugs, painkillers are given with medical consent. Studies show that they are far more dangerous because of their nature.
In some cases, the body gets used to painkillers. It will not respond anymore with its presence, especially when taken for a long time. This is called drug tolerance.
However, many people are developing dependence or addiction rather than mere tolerance.
When painkillers are suddenly stopped, withdrawal symptoms will soon follow.
The most commonly abused prescription painkillers are benzodiazepines and opioids. Benzodiazepines are also known as tranquilizers, which doctors give to people to manage or overcome anxiety attacks. Opiods are one of the strongest painkillers, and are mostly given to reduce cancer pain and other chronic pains.

Side Effects of the Pain Killers

There are actually different ways by which each person responds to painkillers. Although most painkillers are available over the counter, it is advisable to see the doctor just to be sure about the side effects that a certain drug may have.

Painkillers that are anti-depressants have several side effects. Most of them dry the mouth, cause changes in sleeping patterns, cause drowsiness, and increase or decrease appetite.

Other steroid painkillers can result in a bigger appetite, more energy, and indigestion and altered sleeping patterns. If you have difficulty sleeping, take steroids during the day. More serious side effects of steroids include increased infection risks, higher blood sugar levels, higher blood pressure, and the presence of sugar in urine.

Anti-inflammatory drugs that are also painkillers, such as aspirin, can undoubtedly irritate the stomach and the entire digestive system. In extreme cases, ulceration or bleeding can occur. It is important to eat before taking such medications. Also, these drugs can slow blood clotting.

Remember to see your doctor if you notice these side effects, or it may lead to more serious repercussions.


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Dr. Mahesh Sinha said...

anti-consultants' ये शब्द नहीं समझ आया . OTC और प्रेस्क्रिप्शन दृग्स अलग होती है लेकिन अपने देश में सब खुले आम मिलती है . स्वयं अपना इलाज करना या दूसरों को सलाह देना एक आम बीमारी है अपने यहाँ. anti depressant और steroid काफी नुकसानदायक होती हैं लम्बे समय और बिना उचित सलाह के . नीम हकीम इनका बहुत दुरूपयोग करते हैं . दर्द निवारक दवाओं का शरीर के हर भाग में बुरा प्रभाव पड़ता है खासकर किडनी पर

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