Thursday, January 14, 2010

10 things you never knew about chocolate

10. The Aztecs drunk it

Chocolate was originally a cold drink whisked from cocoa beans by the Aztecs - and women were not allowed to drink it.


9. It was more valuable than gold

When Cortes conquered the Aztecs in 1520, he found that cocoa beans were prized higher than gold.


8. It was named in the 17th century

The word 'chocolate' was first recorded in English use in 1604.


7. It helped found the British Museum

The British Museum owes its very existence to chocolate. It was based on the personal collection of Hans Soane, who invented milk chocolate.


6. Chocolate bar an English invention

The bar of chocolate was invented by JS Fry and Sons of Bristol in 1847.


5. Expensive egg

Last year's most expensive chocolate egg was encrusted with more than 100 diamonds and made for La Maison du Chocolat with a £50,000 prize tag.


4. Royal approval

On New Year's Day 1900, Queen Victoria sent 100,000 boxes of chocolates as a personal gift to soldiers fighting in the Boer War.


3. Brits can't get enough of it

The average person living in the UK - man, woman or child - spends over £1 a week on chocolate.


2. The King loved it!

The last food Elvis Presley ate comprised four scoops of ice cream and six chocolate chip cookies.


1. Egg-cellent selection

Woolworths is this year selling 170 varieties of chocolate Easter egg.


श्रीश पाठक 'प्रखर' said...

yummy post n informative too.....!

डॉ महेश सिन्हा said...

चोक्लेती जानकारी मुह मे आ रहा है पानी
साल 2010 क्या 10 नंबरी साल है
हर जगह 10 नंबर का बवाल है

JHAROKHA said...

मीनू जी,
आपने चाकलेट की इतनी रोचक जानकारी दी है---साथ में जीवन्त चित्र--मुंह में पानी आना स्वाभाविक है।