Saturday, November 27, 2010

Tips For Healthy Digestion

Eat more fiber. Fiber keeps the digestive system running smoothly by decreasing the transit time of food in the intestines. Fiber from whole grains, fruits and vegetables also lowers harmful LDL cholesterol and improves sugar balance for people with diabetes. For digestion and overall health, fiber rich foods should make up a big part of your daily diet.

Eat more alkaline foods. The typical American diet relies on too many acid-forming foods. They're the primary cause of GERD (Gastro-Esophageal Reflux Disease).

Acid-forming foods to limit: refined sugars, white flour, alcohol, sodas, coffee, red meat, fried, fatty foods.

Alkaline-forming foods to add: mineral water, vegetables (especially greens), seaweed, herbal teas, miso, brown rice, honey, fruits.

Practice good food combining. Sometimes, it's not what you eat that's making you sick, it's the way you eat it. Different foods need different enzymes to digest properly.

Follow 3 key principles:

Eat fruits alone and on an empty stomach in the morning.

Don't eat fruits and vegetables at the same meal.

Avoid high protein foods with whole grains.

Take enzymes. Many of the foods we eat are so processed they lack vital enzymes. Enzymes are the spark plugs for every body function. They can be easily brought into your body through fresh foods. Have a green salad every day.

(From Linda Page's diary)


ज़ाकिर अली ‘रजनीश’ said...


ईश्‍वर ने दुनिया कैसे बनाई?
उन्‍होंने मुझे तंत्र-मंत्र के द्वारा हज़ार बार मारा।

JHAROKHA said...

meenu ji
bhut hi achhi jankaari di hai aapne
Eat fruits alone and on an empty stomach in the morning.

Don't eat fruits and vegetables at the same meal.

Avoid high protein foods with whole grains.
par aaj kal to bachche bde sabhi badi teji ke saath fast-food ke deewane hote ja rahe hain .kaise rukega yah sab?

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